The London Photo Diary- Sep 19′

I visited London for the first time this month and I have to say, London is filled with the most beautiful views, historic buildings, and delicious food. I found so many things to do in London by giving myself time to wander. I've collected my photos to share with all of you, I hope some places stick out to you as things to see in London.

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A Small Town Life

To kick this friendship off I think you guys should know a little bit more about me! Born, raised, and currently residing in Midlothian, Texas. A town south of Dallas that contains good eatin’, lots of pals, and more than a couple dirt roads. The whole package of a small town life. My family has a few acres…

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The Travel Diaries: Packing Essentials

Hello all, so glad my packing tips have caught your eye! I'm starting a mini series on the blog as I countdown to my travel to London. I'll be sharing my tips, tricks, and necessities for traveling for a week.

Today, I’m giving you an inside into my three packing essentials that make travel easier for me. From a weekend trip to a two week trip around Europe, you’ll be set!

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