April Favs

Hello spring (or should I say summer)!?

Where has this year gone (?!) I cannot believe we are already in the month of May. This past month I found myself reaching for different products in all aspects of myΒ daily life.


Starting with my now go-to razor. On one of my late night Instagram browses I stumbled upon a brand called Billie. With little reviews I was on the skeptical side asking is this really real?? Billie is a monthly subscription for razors. Only $9 and 3-5 days later I received a razor (in the color of my choice) and two razor cartridges. After two weeks of use I was sold!! No stubble, razor burn, or cuts… I must say I was impressed. Personally I have my subscription set up where I receive 4 cartridges every two months. I always fall for a good monthly subscription, but personally this one is worth it if I get to save money and not skimp on quality.

Now that I have rambled on for a paragraph I will tell you all about a snack I have been LUVING. Hostess came out with a line of Bakery Petites in an assortment of flavors. Let me just warn you they are addictive! For some reason we had two bags lying around and I managed to eat them both. My favorite so far is the fudge blondie (pictured below). A must try if you are craving something sweet but also light. My mom and I picked them up from Walmart and I have not seemed to find them anywhere else.



Switching over to my more random products now. I am one to not drink a lot of water during the day. I tend to forget and by the time I realize I haven’t drank much its 4 o’clock. So, to change my ways, I picked up the CUTEST water bottle from Target (of course). It is truly a mind game and once again Target is my money but OH WELL if it gets me to drink more water I’ll do it.

Target bottle 1In all honesty the stainless steel water bottle does keep my water colder longer and looks great! For $10 you know I jumped on buying it real quick!! Lastly I’m sharing my favorite podcast to listen to while I do just about anything.

In need of a great inspirational and real podcast (??) then go listen to Julie Solomon The Influencer Podcast. This fav of mine is a fav year round! Julie is truly amazing and hosts people who have started at the bottom and worked their butt off to get to where they are today. They talk about how it really is to be an influencer, entrepreneur, or blogger. Julie dives into the secrets behind the business and how to properly get started. The mask of social media is taken off as you’ll leave feeling so inspired to just get up and do what YOU want to do. It is great to tune into instead of hopping on Netflix in the morning.

Well guys that all for the month of April. I love trying new things, so, if you have anything you LUV leave a comment below so I can try it out!




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