The Ultimate Vermont Travel Guide

What to Expect

Lodging: Stowe, VT has different lodging styles available. Hotels, ski resorts, cabins, and Airbnbs surround Mt. Mansfield providing breath taking views.

Getting- to: There are a couple different options to get to Stowe. One option is to fly into Burlington and drive about 33 miles. Another option is to fly into either Boston or Manchester and drive about 200 miles.

Activities: During the summer you can hike Mt. Mansfield or kayak. If you need more than looking at the fall foliage, consider apple picking and cider tasting. Take a gondola ride up Mt. Mansfield to overlook Stowe. In the winter try skiing  at the Stowe Mountain Resort.

Safety: Vermont is a very safe state visit, and explore on your own.

Dining: The town of Stowe has multiple cafes and restaurants in the heart of downtown. Inns and resorts also provide onsite dining. Outside of the city are pubs and tasting rooms.I can’t forget the delicious apple cider donuts that can be found just about anywhere!

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Hiya! my name is Kaitlin, I am a twenty three year old content creator living in Dallas.

A few things you should know about me… I graduated Dallas Baptist University last December with a degree in Marketing. While I enjoyed writing papers and filling my resume with internships and “real world experiences”, Post grad life had a different idea for me. A month after graduation I found my life headed in a completely different direction, flight attendant training.

Becoming a flight attendant had never been a dream job of mine. The idea sounded fun and traveling had always been at the top of my list, but I never put the two together. The next four weeks would be more challenging than the past four years.

A year later I can say this job has changed me, challenged me, and steered me in a completely different path than I had planned (all for the good of course).

My goal for this blog is to take you along in my life journey, and also provide a place for you to come and share your hopes and dreams.

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